Weekly Creative Inspo – 12.03.2021


Creativity is Contagious;

AAP Magazine – 2021 Photo Contest Winners.

AAP Magazine has announced the results of this year’s photo competition.  The theme for this year was “Colors”.

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Intricately Beautiful Rock, Sand & Leaf Sculptures.

Jon Foreman arranges rocks, sand, and leaves into intricate and mesmerizing patterns. These must take hours to gather the materials and arrange them so wonderfully!

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Cyberquad for Kids.

Elon is back at it again with the Cyberquad for kids. Fully electric, steel frame, Cybertruck inspired design. Sold out.

Square Changes Name to Block.

The parent company that owns Square, Tidal, and Cash App are rebranding to be called Block. Is this another play at the Metaverse that we’ve seen other companies like Facebook do?

One thing I found interested about their Media Kit is that their primary logo is animated. They even go as far as to say, “By downloading these assets, you agree to use the animated logo instead of the static logo whenever possible.”

In a world of MOTION that I’ve been preaching. I LOVE how bold this change is!

Street Photography Winners 2021.

Being able to anticipate and capture these moments in street photography has always fascinated me!

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The Fry Universe.

Ever wonder why you like certain fries more than others? This website breaks down what might be the cause.

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Bell Pepper Time Lapse – Seed To Fruit in 115 Days.

Watch in 3 minutes as a red bell pepper seed grows into a fruit-bearing plant!

8K video tour of Zion National Park.

This Youtube channel posts incredible tours of National Parks in 8k resolution! As a shoutout to Utah, here’s one of Zion.

AI Breaks Tetris.

Can’t wait for the age of AI-Powered Automation.


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