Weekly Creative Inspo – 11.12.2021


Creativity is Contagious;

Ocean Cleanup vs The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

We’ve followed The Ocean Cleanup and The Great Pacific Garbage Patch before and it’s amazing to see the progress that has been made in these few years.

Learn more about The Ocean Cleanup.

Giant Slingshot taller than the Statue of Liberty shoots rockets into Space.

Yeah, you read that right. Spinlaunch is in the business of building giant slingshots, to throw rockets into space.

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Great Art Explained – Mona Lisa.

What makes the Mona Lisa so great? James Payne discusses why in this short film!

David Fincher’s VOIR.

I’m beyond excited for this show. Tony Zhou from Every Frame a Painting is heavily involved in this series and I obsessively watched his video essays. He even did a video essay on David Fincher! Full circle!

Rock Collection Belt.

My mother likes to collect heart-shaped rocks whenever she’s out adventuring. She’s amassed a large collection already. This reminds me of her!

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Arby’s Vodka – Curly & Crinkle Fry.

We’ve reached a day and age where a Brand itself supersedes its product and becomes something else entirely. I’m honestly not surprised to see this pop up on my feed and I’m 100% intrigued. I don’t even eat at Arbys! But they HAVE THE MEATS VODKA!

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Netflix Stranger Things Cereal.

Another brand doing weird crossovers! We’ve got Netflix working with General Mills to promote their upcoming season of Stranger Things with these Upside-Down-themed cereals. Are they worth the $20 price tag?

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KFC Holiday Giveaway – The Bucket Hugger.

KFC has never shied away from weird promotional stunts like the KFC Dating Sim, KFConsole, KFC Romance Novella, and more! So this holiday’s promotion, while being odd, doesn’t surprise me that much.

From November 9-11th if you order a qualifying meal on the KFC website or App, you’ll be able to redeem the knitted Finger-lickin’ Chicken Mitten Bucket Hugger.


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