Weekly Creative Inspo – 10.29.2021


Creativity is Contagious;

Wind Turbine Wall.

Joe Doucet’s Wind Turbine Wall is a moving sculpture and a way to harness wind to create electricity!

Reminds me of the Color Shifting Pavilion we featured in last week’s Creative Inspo!

Close Up Photographer of the Year Winners 2021.

The results are in! There were over 9000 entries from 55 different countries for this Close-Up Photographer of the Year competition.

Vibrant Stained Glass Sculptures Inside Repurposed Timber.

Louise Durham uses reclaimed sea defense timber to create stained-glass-infused sculptures that cast colorful lights on its surroundings.

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Art Collective purposely loses a $20K Andy Warhol drawing.

MSCHF a NY art collective purchased a 1954 drawing by Andy Warhol titled Fairies for $20,000. Taking a page from disruptive artists like Banksy himself, they created 999 copies of the drawing, lost the original in the mix, and are now selling all 1,000 for $250 a pop.

Someone got the original, and nobody will ever know! I’m so curious to see how much the value of these prints increases/decreases.

MSCHF went viral back in March when Nike sued them for a sneaker they made that contained real human blood in collaboration with rapper, Lil Nas X.

This stunt also reminds me of the group that burned an original Banksy and turned it into a NFT.

Hera blends Graffiti, Typography, and Street-Art to create Stunning Mixed Media works.

Hera is an artist with a background in street art who now does various mixed-media works with sweeping, spray-painted marks, chaotic drips and splatters, and snippets of text.

“My affiliation is always with those who create beauty in the darkest of places. Because the gutter feels closer to my creative home than the artist studio. I come from graffiti culture,” says Hera, “I used to be the vulture, the raccoon, the street rat, that rummaged through leftover paint buckets left on the curbs of home renovations, treasuring other people’s trash.”

View Hera’s Instagram.

Prototype Original iPod.

The iPod is now 20 years old and to celebrate, the Panic Blog shared one of the early prototypes for the original iPod. Look how much bigger the prototype was from the final product.

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Facebook Rebrands as ‘Meta’ in preparation for the Metaverse.

Facebook announced that they are changing their name to Meta in preparations for the Metaverse. Like in the book and film, Ready Player One, the Metaverse is the sequel to the internet as we know it.

It seems like Facebook wants to become a big player in the space, and with NFTs and Cryptocurrency on the rise, I can see other companies announcing their focus on the Metaverse too.

The future is now!

Adobe shows off their Artificial Intelligence, Sensei, at Adobe Max 2021.

This year’s Adobe Max was all about the company’s Artificial Intelligence, Adobe Sensei. In a series of shorts called Sneaks, they showed off some of the new and amazing things this AI can do.

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The King is Back.

Carol Baskin and the Tiger King himself are back at it for a season 2 of pure chaos.

A Celebration of Movie Title Sequences.

I’m a big fan of well-done title sequences!

The Sounds of Mars.

It’s been 9 months since the rover Perseverance landed on Mars and has been busy ever since gathering samples, flying drones, taking images, and recording sounds!

This Lego Sculpture.

How does it move like that?!


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