Weekly Creative Inspo – 3.13.2020


As another week comes to a close and we all eagerly look towards the weekend, I’ve gathered some things that have inspired and intrigued my curious soul. I hope you can find some inspo as well!

This is one of the coolest Shot On iPhone ads I’ve seen Apple put out in a while. 5 hours of 4k footage through Russia’s Hermitage museum, IN ONE TAKE. I know what I’m watching today at work.

Apple – One-take journey through Russia’s iconic Hermitage meseum


An ambitious project undertaken by BlockWorks, The Uncensored Library is a digital library within the game of Minecraft that allows people from all over the world access and read otherwise banned articles in their country. Love this type of stuff!

Minecraft – The Uncensored Library


I want one on my wall at home!


Note the motion design here! Even on the can’s label, which will be stationary in the final product, they added movement. Random side thought: with AR and VR coming, will moving cans and packaging like this become a norm in our everyday lives?? We already have something similar with LivingWineLabels.








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