Weekly Creative Inspo – 1.14.2022


Creativity is Contagious;

Photos that Defined 2021.

An awesome collection of photos that defined 2021!


Gorgeous Lego Typography by BrikFonts.

Wow! Now, this is an amazing way to use legos. I’d hang these up on my wall!

View Brikfont’s Instagram.

This Website Settles the Internet’s Biggest Debates.

This website allows users to answer some of the age-old questions that the internet has debated over. Is the dress black and blue, or white and gold?

Join the Debate.

Emoji’s to Scale.

A fun website illustrating the sizes of our phone’s emoji’s to scale.

Visit the Site.

Sean, Read 2021.

A documented list of everything Mr/Dr Soderbergh watched and read in 2021. I love this so much that I’ve started my own version for 2022!

Visit the Blog.

The Infinity Saga (50 Hour Fan-Edit).

I love the internet. A fan of the Marvel saga has spent over 8 months editing every single Marvel film (including key scenes from the TV series) into one massive 50-hour film.

Who’s ready to binge-watch this with me over a weekend?

Reminds me of the Hobbit Fan-Edits.

Download the Fan-Edit.

The Literature Clock.

This clock pulls quotes from thousands of books to tell you the time! I’ve only recognized a few.

View the Website.

A Compilation of the top 25 Movies of 2021.

Every year David Elrich compiles a list of his top films and masterfully edits them into a single compilation short. Did your favorites of this year make it into this video?

View on Vimeo.

The Year in Type – 2021.

A collection of the most inspiring artists and creatives in the world of type!

Visit the Site.

NPR Best Film & TV 2021.

NPR compiled a list of their critics’ favorite movies and TV shows of 2021. Is your favorite on this list?

View the List.

Our Universe is MASSIVE.

Truly mind-boggling. It’s also just as mind-boggling to think how far we can zoom into our universe at cellular levels and beyond.

Everything Everywhere Always.

I’m excited to see this film! Looks like a fun ride from start to finish.

Phil Gyford’s Favorite Asks of 2021.

Phil Gyford loves looking through popular questions on Ask MetaFilter. He finds several worth reading and answering.

He loves it so much that he’s gathered his 49 favorite Asks from 2021.

My favorite threads were Easy reads with literary flourishes, and One time fees that are worth it.

View the full Post.


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