Weekly Creative Inspo – 10.03.2019


As another week comes to a close and we all eagerly look towards the weekend, I’ve gathered some things that have inspired and intrigued my curious soul. I hope you can find some inspo as well!

It seems that Adobe has finally come up with a response to Procreate. One of the biggest features for Fresco will be the Live Brushes that will act like real paint; reacting to your canvas and other paints.

Adobe Fresco



I think all things tiny have been a source of inspo for me as of late since my recent discovery of TinyArtShow and when you combine amazing astral photography with tiny homes to make beautiful photos. I’m sold.

Samy Al Olabi – Miniature House Photography



ArtBreeder is a program that allows you to take two images and combine them in a weirdly fascinating way and then combine that product with other images in their infinite database.



I love when this account pops up on my feed. So many amazing spaces and builds!


I don’t watch Hot Ones much anymore since it got pretty mainstream (super hipster I know). But when Shia my main squeeze LaBeouf appears, I gotta click. “Anything that moves you is art.”


Along with the Tasty Youtube channel I’ve mentioned before, I’ve also started watching Epicurious’s 4 Levels series. Maybe someday I’ll be a level 1 chef.




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