Weekly Creative Inspo – 9.10.2021


Creativity is Contagious;

3 Budget Levels.

An awesome youtube channel, In Depth Cine analyzes different directors and how they handle creating films at varying budget levels.

3 Budget Levels


Pompeii Ancient Snack Bar.

I’d love to visit this someday!

Thermopolia, where, as the Greek origin of its name would suggest, hot food and drinks were served, and stored in large dolia (jars) embedded in the masonry counter, were a common sight in the Roman world, where it was customary for the middle and lower classes to consume the prandium (meal) outside the house.”

Pompeii Ancient Snack Bar


Wally Is.

Where’s Waldo but with Emojis.


Lava Photography.

This looks otherworldly!


Shepherds from Transylvania.


Pyramids from Above.



I found this funny! Movies and shows within movies and shows.


Book Art.


Robot Dolphins.


Brushy One String.


The French Dispatch.

I’ll always watch a new Wes Anderson Film.


Matrix Resurrection.

After a drought of movies last year I am so stoked to see so many good ones this year!


How To Make a Netflix Documentary out of Anything.



Robert Valley has become one of my favorite animators since his episode ‘Zima Blue‘ on Netflix’s Love Death and Robots. So cool to see him here!


1oo Renders from 1 Sketch.

Too cool to see different artists’ take on one sketch!


Aerial Sheep Herding.


Rock Quarry Opera Commercial.

This commercial lowkey a vibe.


Labyrinth Sketch.

How long do you think it took to draw this? Finished drawing HERE.


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