Weekly Creative Inspo – 10.15.2021


Creativity is Contagious;

Same Sky Postcards.

James Brouwer, a postcard collector of over 30 years, noticed a strange reoccurring theme in many of his postcards; they all had the same sky!

View the Full Flickr Collection.

SNL – Hard Seltzer Skit.

This had me chuckling! A fun parody of the hard-seltzer trend on SNL written by Please Don’t Destroy.

This reminds me of the White Claw Skit that coined the “No Laws When Drinking Claws”.

Also, the poor-branding design reminds me of the TikTok girl who’s been redesigning brands. Insane to see all the company TikTok accounts commenting and changing their pfp to her designs!

Love the little bits of branding in this video for the fake hard-seltzer companies. I’d ironically purchase these!

Watch the Skit.

Noiseless Props in Movies.

It’s always a treat to go behind the scenes and see how much goes into creating the films and shows we love!

Heinz Halloween “Tomato Blood” Costume Kit.

We’ve all used ketchup to fake blood at some point in our lives, especially around Halloween time. For the spooky holiday this season, Heinz has released a Tomato Blood Costume Kit encouraging people to share their costumes covered in fake blood.

View the Website.

Cyberpunk Vatican.

A cyberpunk photo series of the Vatican depicting it as if it were in a movie like Blade Runner. This got me imagining a future when Augmented Reality is commonplace and we experience spaces like this in person.

View the Series.

Lego Announces it’s Largest Set Ever and it’s a TITANIC Achievement.

Lego releases their largest model to date, a 1:200 scale replica of the Titanic, totaling 9,090 pieces. Is it worth the $630 Price Tag?

25 Most Iconic Book Covers.

A collection of some of the Most Iconic Book Covers in History. How many did you recognize?

View the Full Collection.

This Korked Bats Twitter Thread.

“For every 25 likes this gets, we’ll make Jason Kidd’s collar bigger.”

Whoever runs this social account deserves a raise.

View the Thread.


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