Weekly Creative Inspo – 10.08.2021


Creativity is Contagious;

Collection of Old Book Covers.

I’ve always loved going to bookstores and examing all the different designs. Finding this collection of book covers from the 1900s to 1960s was a treat!

2021 Global Photo Contest Winners – Nature Conservancy.

Nature photography is always so fascinating. I’ve always said great photography is how far you’re willing to lug your gear and how long you’re willing to wait.

View all the winners here.

Coke Reveals New Logo and Tagline.

Coke has just unveiled its new logo which they call the ‘Hug’ that hints toward an invisible coke bottle. They’ve paired this logo with a new global campaign ‘Real Magic’ centering around togetherness and inclusivity.

Read the Press Release.

Visit the Real Magic page.

The Crane that Fell in Love with a Human.

Walnut, a 23-year-old white-naped crane living in an endangered species breeding facility bonded with bird keeper Chris Crowe where he embraced his role as Walnut’s mate in order to inseminate her with semen from a male crane.

Watch the Video.

Read the Article.

Albums Organized By Color.

A collection of 150 albums from 2020 organized by color. This website is so satisfying to scroll through!

Visit the Site.

8 Most Wondrous Trees from Around the World.

A collection of wondrous trees, from spectacular to odd, around the world.

Visit the Collection.

144-Year-Old Wisteria — Japan

Redwoods — Northern California

Dragonblood Trees — Yemen

Javi Aznarez on Creating Wes Anderson’s Debut Music Video.

I especially enjoyed the section on how Javi was tasked with making it look like Hermés Jones, the fictional art director in the film, had been doodling on the walls of the set for 15–20 years.

Read the Article.

Tycho’s Burning Man Set.

Tycho does a 2-hour DJ set at Burning Man every year to coincide with the sunrise. This is his set from 2019. Try listening with the sunrise!

Ring Always Home Cam.

I want one of these!

Squid Game – White Vans Sales Spike 7800%.

This article piqued my interest from a marketing perspective. Interesting to see how the popularity of a show can influence what we buy. With Halloween coming up, I’m sure we will see plenty of costumes from Squid Game!

Read the Article.


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