Weekly Creative Inspo – 1.23.2022


Creativity is Contagious;

Architecture in Music – Photo Series Reveals a Whole New World.

An absolutely stunning photo series by Charles Brooks. Brooks delves into the instruments using macro photography, revealing an entirely new world of tiny musical architecture.

My favorite is the Didgeridoo, which is not carved by hand, but instead is hollowed out by termites, giving each didgeridoo a unique sound.

Wordle – An Addictive Daily Word Game.

If you haven’t heard of Wordle yet, treat yourself.

This game has become part of my morning routine and I’m part of group chats where we all share the results.

Play Worlde.

Decorate your home with Bread Products.

Sometimes your feed blesses you with the perfect slew of specifically-themed inspiration. This week, it was all things Bread Themed, and specifically, bread-themed interior design products.

From Bread Lamps, Bread Couches, and Bread Loaf Slippers you really can redefine the meaning of getting that bread.

Needless to say, I want all of these.

Oscar Mayer Bologna Face Masks.

Another company has come out with a product we didn’t know we wanted, but we are low-key interested in buying. This time, it’s Oscar Mayer and they’ve released Bologna Face Masks.

And yes. They sold out instantly.

Buy on Amazon.

View more odd promotional products!

100+ Hours of Folding Origami Knights.

2.5 years of planning. Over 100 hours of actual folding. This elaborately crafted pair of dueling knights was created using 1 piece of paper with no cuts by Juho Könkkölä.

A Modern take on traditional Korean Landscapes.

Seonna Hong’s work stood out to me when I was scrolling through my inspiration feeds. Her work portrays a modern take on the traditional Korean landscape painting styles.

Hong described her style best in this quote, “I’m a second-generation Korean American that is surprised to be making identity-based work but realizing I’ve been making it all along. I’ve spent my entire life between the push and pull of being Korean and American, never feeling quite Korean enough or American enough. I’ve realized the inherent connection between my work and my history, a belated but cherished revelation.”

View Hong’s Work on Instagram.


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