Weekly Creative Inspo – 8.16.2019


As another week comes to a close and we all eagerly look towards the weekend, I’ve gathered some things that have inspired and intrigued my curious soul. I hope you can find some inspo as well!

Studio Ghibli and its creator Hayao Miyazaki had a huge impact on me as a kid and young teenager and definitely helped inspire me to become the Creative I am today. Here’s a 10-part documentary on the legendary animator.

10 Years with Miyazaki



I’ve become obsessed with the long shot ever since I attended my first film class in college. And it’s a marvel to watch how they are shot. Check out this one-shot music video using a camera on a toy train!

Paramour – One Shot Music Video



Rob’s photography is so captivating! I def went down the rabbit hole and checked out all his work. Here’s a link to his Instagram!

Bodies – Rob Woodcox



My cousin majored in sustainability in college, so obviously we all made fun of him for being a tree-hugger. But over time, the creative industry and his constant nagging (love you, cuz) really helped open my eyes to caring about our environment. I always perk-up when I see companies caring about it as well! And Method seems to care!

Method – There’s Good Inside


These portraits are excellent.


Very cool twitter thread.






Meanwhile I’m struggling to get my hot-pocket to the perfect temp.




I love her work! Along with that article link above, check out her website and Instagram.


I LOVE this. Especially how they made the trash bags, hydrant, and other items outside the store green to draw people in from the street.


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