Weekly Creative Inspo – 7.05.2019


As another week comes to a close and we all eagerly look towards the weekend, I’ve gathered some things that have inspired and intrigued my curious soul. I hope you can find some inspo as well!

To change the way we think and feel about food for the better.

A new publication that focuses on food, food culture, and healthy eating. As a single dude who’s trying to eat out less. This stuff intrigues me greatly! Send me your easiest recipes pls.



Beautiful colors. Beautiful people. Beautiful music. What more could you want? Billie Eilish – idontwannabeyouanymore is a mood.



What stood out to me about this project is not the space Noah’s Ark initiative but the photo-realistic renders created. TLDR version of this is that the ISS Legacy X is a giant space station to house our history, culture, and life.

How cool would it be if something like this was created in the Virtual Reality space? A digital museum and archive of everything for you to view and learn about. I could spend years in such a place!



Behind the Scenes are my favorite documentary-esque videos to watch. I’m always thinking “how did they do that?” when I watch something that inspires me and the best part of being a Creative is that there is never one way to do something. This is probably one of my favorite ads to come out recently and I was elated to find out most of these effects were practical! Check out how Spike Jonze created this wonderfully out-of-this-world Apple HomePod Ad.

Behind The Scenes






This looks like a very raw documentary. It’ll be on my to-watch list.


An awesome campaign J Make It Anyway


Would recommend if you haven’t watched this series yet. It’s like the animated version of Black Mirror. Warning: this show is very graphic and might not be to taste for everyone!


My ideal design aesthetic is Minimalism. I live by the “genius is explaining something in it’s simplest form” philosophy. It’s weird to think I came from a maximalist/graffiti background. I still LOVE this aesthetic and this work stuck out to me. In its own way, maximalism is it’s own simplest form. Genius.


Would this be inspo without me ogling over typography and Japanese culture?


Designers are problem solvers and this project to help bridge the divide between skaters and pedestrians stood out to this old skater kid.


Motion Design. Motion Design. Motion Design.


Pop-up art venues are the new black. I attend one in SLC called Hall of Breakfast and there is one in my home town I’ve wanted to go to called Lavoratory (it’s a giant ball pit). These are awesome ways of allowing people to experience art in Instagram-photoshoot-worthy environments. Go to a pop-up art experience if you get the chance!


Motion Design. Motion Design. Motion Design.


The best part of art to me is it’s lack of rules. It doesn’t need a purpose or a message. It just needs an audience. This is why I love installations, they are built to be observed, questioned, and interacted with. This wood wave took me to a different world through a screen. I wonder where it would take me in person?


Should I be sleeping more?


Saul Bass. A legend in the Creative scene. I’ve been talking about the rise of Motion in design as of late, and Saul Bass was really a forefather to such sequences, doing these title sequences before the digital age.


Heavily 90s website. Morbid humor. Now all I need is a pool.


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