Weekly Creative Inspo – 6.12.2020


As another week comes to a close and we all eagerly look towards the weekend, I’ve gathered some things that have inspired and intrigued my curious soul. I hope you can find some inspo as well!

I love this project. The customer’s journey is such a key aspect of design, and I love how the team considered this from the experience of both the drivers and the passengers.

Uber Beacon – Redesign


This renovation is gorgeous! Those stained-glass lamps are amazing. I’d like to see more businesses doing these ‘throwback’ renovations instead of their new ‘modernized’ updates.

Pizza Hut Classic


I love to see designers tackling problems like this. Recycling is something that I could improve upon and I’m sure many others are in the same boat. Would easy-to-understand labelling like this encourage you to do your part?

Better Labelling = Better Recycling


We live in a world of hoverboards and onewheels. Meet the newest member to the family! I definitely want one, but I can hear my dad telling me about all the ER trips I’d take if I got one.


This reminds me of when Chipotle came in with their award winning packaging that really made a splash in the market! Love this kind of stuff.

I’m very interested.




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