Weekly Creative Inspo – 11.08.2019


As another week comes to a close and we all eagerly look towards the weekend, I’ve gathered some things that have inspired and intrigued my curious soul. I hope you can find some inspo as well!

Whenever Jessica Walsh does something, I pay attention. Here’s a recent brand identity for Zooba; an Egyptian street food restaurant that recently set up a new shop in NYC. I love the mix of MOTION in there. The adverts are punny and hit home well “Send Foods 🍆” was a winner.

Zooba by &Walsh



Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas are two living Cyborgs. They are the founders of the Cyborg Foundation and hearing them speak about their passions is really intriguing. Neil has an implant that allows him to hear color. Moon has an implant that lets her feel an earthquake anywhere in the world inside her body. We’re already cyborgs in a way with our reliance on tech, I think these types of things are the next step!

Moon Ribas  &  Listen To Color



The creator of Field Notes mentioned in last week’s email, Aaron is an incredible designer and inspiration. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at PHX Design Week and whenever I’m feeling in a rut, I like to watch his videos to feel inspired.

Aaron Draplin


I love these shelves!




I’ve seen this trend lately. Make them self-driving and you might have a customer!




The drink market is changing. Soda is dying. As America continues to become more and more health conscious, White Claws and sparling waters have begun to take over the drinking habits of all. Coca-Cola has decided to enter the fray with it’s new seltzer water brand, AHA.


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